We wear hard hats every day in our construction business. Every day they fall off,  give us headaches, and generally irritate us. We’ve seen a hard hat fall five stories high because it fell off someone’s head. We knew there had to be a better way and set out to discover it.


We discovered something that worked!  We tested and designed our head protection gear to provide stability while increasing comfort. It has been job tested on real worksites. Once satisfied that it worked, we introduced it to other workers like ourselves. The response was a bit skeptical at first. Once a person installs a Hat Grabber in their hard hat, they have the same reaction: “WOW, that works!”


Our “Head Protection Gear” installs on any suspension gear. It buckles using ribbed pull tabs buckled through reinforced slots. We designed this to be one piece, durable and hygienic. The material has excellent tensile and elongation properties giving it a unique ability to flex and remain secure.


We know firsthand that no one likes uncomfortable safety equipment. By increasing the comfort and stability of wearing a hard hat, we believe workers are more likely to wear their head protection. The two most common reasons hard hats are not worn are discomfort and it won’t stay in place. By resolving those two complaints, we believe any excuse not to be protected is eliminated.


Thank you for considering our product. If you wear a hard hat, give us a chance to prove ourselves. If you know someone who wears one, please share our product with them. They will thank you.