Who needs hard hats?

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Working in an environment that has potential for injuries to the head, ear, nose or other such parts due to falling objects or injuries, fatal accidents due to exposure to electrical conductors etc. is not easy. The employees in such places are required to wear protective gear as each day they enter their work place, there is a chance of injury that could be fatal or cause disability.

Occupational safety is a concern and should be the topmost priority for employers too. Hard hats are the first line of defense when you work in accident prone work environments. Most of the injuries could be easily avoided if proper care is taken from the very beginning. So, wear that helmet and maintain it properly too!

comfortable hard hat

Here are the top six reasons why you should wear a hard hat

1. The hat has a very rigid outer shell. This is specially built to deflect debris or other materials. The suspension system inside acts as a shock absorber and reduces the impact, hence reduces the injuries.
2. They are comfortable too. Many a times we think that it will be a hindrance in your daily work, causing discomfort. But, that’s generally not the case. These hats are very comfortable, and provide appropriate ventilation too. You’ll be surprised; they are even cooler than the baseball cap!
3. There are wide brim hats available, that provide sun protection too. Nape protectors can be additionally connected to add extra protection to the head.
4. Hard hat accessories can also be added such as goggles, face shields, hoods, hearing protection etc. These can be attached to add extra protection to the face, neck and shoulders.
5. The hats come in bright colors – generally. This makes the workers highly visible.
6. Some of the hats available are built for protection against electrical shocks. This is important in an electrical environment.

Well, safety at work is a priority. Many businesses are realizing the importance of this and it is become a mandate for every employee working in potentially injury prone environment. To sum it up, your hat should have all the following characteristics. It should resist penetration of objects and deflect them without causing injury to the head. It should also absorb the shock that is caused because of the impact. Water resistance is a highly essential quality. Well, fire resistant or slow burning is another desired quality. The things that you need to take care of are – to buy the one that is of a good quality. Make sure that you maintain it as per the guidelines provided and also make sure that you buy the one that fits just right – not too loose or to tight. Lastly, make sure that you replace it as per recommended number of years (generally every 5 years) or immediately after a blow. Even on an impact many times the damage is not noticeable, so immediate replacement is recommended.

Wearing protective head gear with appropriate hard hat accessories.

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Hard Hats Maintenance And Accessories

It’s only practical that you wear protective head gear when working in an environment that is prone to situations where objects could fall from above, or where there is some kind of exposure to electrical conductors. Hard hats and all the accessories that go with it help resist penetration of objects, absorb the shock blows and are water resistant as well as slow in burning. Wearing such protective gear should not only be a choice, it should be a mandate in hazardous working environments.

Hard Hats Maintenance

Hard Hat Accessories

Just as wearing a hard hat is a must, maintaining it is equally essential. All the hard hat accessories should fit and should be replaced if there is enough wear and tear.

Here are a few tips that will help you maintain your hard hats:

• The size of the hat should be appropriate. Make sure that it fits properly and is not too big or too tight. Well, most hard hats come with adjustable head band so that you can decide how tight it should be. Make sure that the head band is properly clamped.
• A properly fitting hard had will also allow enough room between the shell and the suspension system. This allows proper ventilation and more importantly enables proper distribution of the impact.
• Other hard hat accessories such as goggles, earmuffs or face shields must be used appropriately. Improperly fitting accessories can increase the risk of getting hurt during accidents.
• Make sure that there is no compromise to safety due to mis-fitting accessories.
• Some hats come with brims for sun protection; some others have a channel for the water to fall away from the face. Choose the one that suits your work environment most aptly.
• In order to extend the life of a hard hat, make sure that it is regularly cleaned and maintained.
• Inspect it for any kind of damage on a regular basis. You can check for cracks or holes and surfaces that have been weakened by paint or other types of solvents. This can also weaken it’s electrical resistance.
• In general, hard hats need to be replaced every five years. This is true even if they are maintained properly.
• More importantly, they should be replaced immediately after a blow.
• Replace all the damaged or worn out parts without delays. Many a times, the damage is not noticeable immediately after a blow. So make it a point to replace the hat anyways.
• Check the suspension system regularly for any noticeable wear and tear. This system can be easily replaced without actually replacing the entire hat.
• You can easily change this system every year.
• Storage of these hats is very important while maintaining it. Extreme climatic conditions like too much sunlight and extreme heat can damage these hats over time.

So, along with wearing a hard hat, make sure that you also maintain it regularly. A simple injury at your work place can completely alter your life or could be fatal too. Protective gear can give you a perfect way to sustain that blow – if maintained properly!

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Top 5 Maintenance Tips For Your Hard Hat

By now, it is obvious that you know enough about hard hat safety. So, it is obvious that you would have bought one; and that too from one of the most reputed stores around you in order to make sure you get the best quality product. However, there is no use of buying an expensive and quality product, if you do not take care of it.

maintenance tips for your hard hat

So, once you have bought a hard hat, it is your property and you have to take care of it, in order to give it a longer life. Your hard hat accessories will prove to be an investment, only when you clean and maintain them regularly, so that they last longer.

If you are not aware of how to clean your hard hat or how to take care of your hard hat liner, msa, decals, safety sticker or any other accessories, this one is going to be extremely useful and interesting for you, as it will provide you some of the most important maintenance tips for the same….

1. One of the most important tips is for the people living in the places that have extreme weather conditions. It is not advisable to store your hard hat in extremely hot or cool climate. For example: it is not a good idea to keep it at the back deck of your car, as the UV rays of the sun will damage it and it will shorten the life of hard hat.

2. After a long day hard work, it is quite obvious that it will get dirty. Well, you must wash it then, but not randomly. The best way to wash it is using mild soap and lukewarm water. You can remove the dirt and dust using the mild detergent and then rinse it softly with the lukewarm water. It is strictly not allowed to use the solvent chemicals, strong detergent or anything which affect its resistance adversely. It is always a good idea to call the manufacturer and ask him; whenever you are in doubt; instead of taking a risk.

3. Once you have washed it, it is always advisable not to forget to wipe the shell till its dry and make sure you look for signs of damage in the shell and suspension system.

4. It is important for you to know that the suspension system is as important as the shell of the hard hat. So, you must know that you should be replacing the suspension system every year, even if it is in the good condition, in order to maintain the level of protection.

5. You should never forget inspection process; make sure you look for cracks, torn headband and other signs of wear and tear regularly.

Now that you are aware of some of the most important cleaning and maintenance tips and tricks, it is advisable for you to make sure that you take care of your hard hat and make it last as long as possible, in the same condition as you had bought it. Good luck for the same!

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The Importance Of Hard Hats At Work

If you are not aware of the head injuries that you are prone to, if you do not wear a hard hat, you are just at the perfect place. Here, you will get to know the causes of head injuries as well as multiple reasons to wear a hard hat at work. In addition to that, you would also get to know how to buy a hard hat as well as some of the accessories like hard hat decals or hard hat safety stickers.


Causes of head injuries

One of the most popular causes of head injury at work is falling objects. It is quite possible that small, yet dangerous tools or large heavy objects fall on you from a raised forklift while you are at work. At that time, a comfortable hard hat will save you from getting injured.

Another cause can be flying objects. For example: if some object is swung on the crane or other similar device, there are high chances of the object falling on you. In addition to that, you might end up bumping your head on a pipe or any such object just over you. Last, but certainly not the least, you might end up coming in contact with the electrical materials like wires.

Reasons to wear hard hats

There are multiple reasons for wearing a hard hat at work. So, let us talk about some of the important ones…

1. Of course, one main reason is to protect you against the injuries which we just talked about in the above section regarding the causes. So, in order to guard against falling or flying objects and bumping, you must wear a hard hat at work. Only the person who has had a bad experience understands the importance of protective wear at work. However, this blog is to make you aware of such possible dangers, so that you do not experience the same danger.

2. Apart from injuries, another reason is the comfort. If you are working in the day time, due to the high amount of heat, you can easily get irritated because of the perspiration; especially in the hot and humid climate. So, in order to reduce the overheating and perspiration and to work comfortably, you must make effective use of all the hard hat accessories like hard hat msa and others.

3. At the end of the day, it is the amount of work that counts. So, in order to increase the work efficiency and productivity, the employees must feel at ease. If they are in constant pressure and tension about the dangers about the injury or heat stroke, they will not be able to work properly. So, make sure you wear a hard hat at work.

Now that you are aware of the importance of hard hats, it is advisable to buy a hard hat for you as soon as possible and use it at work. However, make sure you purchase the quality hard hat from the best possible store.

Wear a Hard Hat – Better Safe Than Sorry!

Protective head gear is an essential accessory for those working on construction site, mines or other manufacturing or electrical sites. Such sites have a very uncertain working environment and you could be at a risk of serious injury or a fatal accident. Wearing appropriate personal protection equipment can ensure that you are safe at work. One such protective equipment is a hard hat. Wearing a comfortable hard hat could give you just the right protection against any kind of unforeseen accidents at work.

comfortable hard hat

Well, with the increasing awareness of professional safety, helmets and hard hats have also grown in importance. Can you imagine a biker without a helmet or a soldier without one? Even baseball players would not dream of going out to the field without their helmet on.

Here are a few facts that you must know about hard hats:

1. Hard hats contain a kind of inner suspension which provides a good one inch or more space between the shell and your head. This acts as a great shock absorber and can protect your head by lessening the impact. This is exactly why the effectiveness of the suspension is very important.

2. The hat protects the skull mainly. Hard hat accessories can be added by attaching face shields that protect the soft tissues of the eyes and ears. Slots are also available to attach safety glasses, face shields, mounted lights and earmuffs.

3. Furthermore, there are two types of suspensions that are used – ratchet suspension and pin lock suspension.

• Ratchet suspension – has a quick ratchet adjusting knob that can be turned easily to either tighten or loosen the hat.
• Pin lock suspension – has a locking mechanism similar to a belt with a pin to hold the suspension to the tightness or looseness you wish.

4. Hard hats have two types of suspension – four points or six points suspension. These are basically the number of pins used to fasten the hat.

5. It is necessary that workers inspect their protective gear before and after each use. It is recommended that you replace your hard hat every twelve months. Care for your protective headgear will ensure that you get adequate safety when the time comes.

The good news is that many companies require their workers to wear hats with their logos on it. Compliance with safety rules need not be monotonous. It could be fun too! You can decorate your safety hat with hard hat safety stickers and decals.

Well, your safety at work is your choice! It is the responsibility of an employer to ensure that the workers get all the equipment they require while working in an environment that is prone to accidents. For workers – it’s your choice too – personal safety should be your topmost priority.

There was a time when everything was left to fate. Now is the time to change it – your safety is not in the hands of fate anymore. Use the right protective equipment at work and stay safe!

Hard Hat Accessories and Design

We know that hard hats are predominantly used in work places like construction sites, mines or electrical sites where accidents and injuries due to the impact of falling objects, debris or electrical shock could be fatal. Well, they are known for their shock absorbing and impact resistance capabilities.

Hard Hat Accessories

The main purpose of wearing a hard hat is to protect your head; they are made from durable materials. Originally, they were made of metal, and then came fiber glass and now rigid plastic.

As we know that these hats come with a number of accessories. These hard hat accessories can be fitted as per your preference and your choice.

1. Visor: This is same as a safety visor in a welding helmet.
2. Hard hat liner
3. Extra Wide Brim Attachment: This provides additional shade for those with field engineer type jobs.
4. Ear Protectors: this is a special protective shield for the ears.
5. Mirrors for increased rear view.
6. A device used to mount a head lamp etc. This is a great hands-free way of working.
7. Thick insulating side pads: Keeps ears warm. These are mostly seen in Ice Road Truckers.

Well, that was about the hard hat accessories. Apart from these, Hard Hats come in various colors. Various companies assign colors to hard hats for identification.

Some companies like construction companies assign different colors based on the worker’s role on the site. Well, the most common color differences as per the role of the individual wearing a hard hat are:

White: Managers, Supervisors, engineers and foremen.
Brown Fiberglass: welders and other workers working with heat applications.
Green: is generally used by a safety inspector or new workers.
Yellow: general laborers.
Orange: road crews, new employees or visitors.

Well, if there is a doubt about the color, it is suggested to wear a white colored hat.

Hard Hat Stickers can be used to mark important groups of workers on site. Company logos can also be used on a helmet to ensure that you know the people working for you. Hard Hat Safety Stickers and decals are also available as markings for hard hat safety.

Above all, you must know that these helmets or hard hats are classified in two types and three classes.

• Type I are meant to meet vertical impact and penetration requirements.
• Type II are meant to meet both vertical as well as lateral impact requirements. They are slightly larger, heavier and warmer to wear. The level of life saving capabilities in a type 2 hat is greater.

The three classes are:

• Class E provides electrical protection up to 20000 Volts
• Class G provides dielectric protection up to 2,200 volts.
• Class C provides no dielectric protection.

When you specify a hard hat, you generally mention both the type and the class. For example you say Type 1 Class E.

Wearing a helmet of this kind is legally binding in most countries for workers working in hazardous work environments. Well, many companies are now becoming more and more aware of the advantages of safety equipment and have included them as a mandate for their workers.