Here’s What Goes Into Making A Strong Hard Hat

A hard hat is certainly one of the most noticeable pieces of safety equipment one can identify in the industrial workplace. It’s an industrial helmet to protect you from falling objects and impacts by sharp or blunt things. In America itself, more than 20 Million workers wear hard hats at work, yet the numbers of accidents reported per year are approximately 120,000. Such a staggering figure represents on the job head injuries only, out of which 1500 are almost fatal.

comfortable hard hat

From the above figures, we can understand that it is arguably the most essential equipment for workers to ensure personal safety at any industrial site. Features of a comfortable hard hat are durability, reliability, ruggedness and lightweight and manufacturers often consider various factors in building them as not all of them are suitable for every type of work climate. Hard hats come in different types and are categorized in classes so that employers and employees can determine the best suitable hard hats as per their work environment.

Materials used to make them

Most of the hard hats including hard hat accessories are manufactured nowadays with the use of advance technology and are results of well researched and experimented practice. The core shells are made up of thermoplastic like Polyethylene or Polycarbonate resin or materials like fiberglass or aluminum. High-density Polyethylene better known as HDPE are mostly used in hard hats as they are nonconductive to electricity as well are strong and light in weight. The suspension system in the hard hats that distribute the impact of the blow to the other edges are made of strips of woven nylon webbing and molded HDPE bands. These bands are sometimes of nylon or vinyl.

A comfortable hard hat will also feature a brow pad. These brow pads are attached to the front of the headband as it increases the comfort level of the helmet. The materials used to make up the brow pads differ depending on the manufacturer but are mostly of foam supported vinyl, cotton terry cloth or sometimes of special fibers. Most of the manufacturers, however, select varying mixtures of cloth material with cotton as it augments the helmet’s ability to absorb sweat. Sometimes, it also helps in avoiding irritants while at work.

Make of other hard hat accessories

Depending upon the use and the work climate, hard hat liners are also available in different materials. Cotton, Nylon and polyester made liners make a great demand and are an efficient protective gear against cold, flame and extreme conditions. OSHA (The Occupational Safety and Health Administration) in its guidelines suggests that an employer should check with manufacturers whether use of liners with their hard hats/hard hat msa’s is compatible. They recommend employers to check the same with the hard hat manufacturers as well. Other accessories like hard hat decals and stickers may not concern us with their quality and material but, they have a crucial role in safety and precaution at workplace. Decals and stickers are part of any safety program as they add visibility and help us to identify skilled employees. They can carry important safety reminders and can promote employer’s safety awareness program. In cases of emergencies, it helps us to identify trained and authorized safety personnel instantly and help us to assign the job quickly. Ideal and an inexpensive way of communicating safety to employees, decals and stickers are mostly available in sensitive vinyl or engineer grade reflective as it increases low light or nighttime vision.

By caring you’re half way through

Lessons learnt in school about prevention and care could very well be employed on the fields. With proper protection, a critical injury to the head can be avoided. A single blow to the head can paralyze a person for life or may even cause death. A survey conducted by the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) recorded that most workers who suffered injuries at the worksite were not wearing safeguards and thus were affected severely.

It is in the interest of the employees and the employer to ascertain the level of risks involved in the work and take proper precautions to avoid them. Companies should properly verify the quality of protective gears they buy like hard hats, gloves, glasses, etc. and should choose the right gears suitable for their respective work environment. Training employees regarding safety measures and care for their personal equipments in a longer run can save the employer from medical expenses, reputation damage and administrative trails.

Life of a hard hat

Unfortunately, there is no set time frame for the service life. Hard hats across industrial sites are used well past manufacturers’ guidelines. A general guideline directs employers to replace hard hats every five years irrespective of the condition from the date of use. The simplest way to identify whether the protective gear is suitable for further use is to check the outer appearance. If the surface loses its shine or becomes dull, if the shell sounds to be brittle, or if the shell has splits then the hard hats should be considered for a change. Same goes for the suspension. However, it is recommended to change the suspension in every twelve months as it becomes difficult to determine the strength of the hold and the breaks in it. It is advised to all employees to check the condition of their hard hat before and after every use to ensure that have a safe and comfortable hard hat.

As a part of practicing healthy work habits, hard hats should be cleaned on a regular basis; this goes particularly for workers working in a chemical plant or mining site. The hats will get dirty at the industrial sites with strong chemical agents, grease and other substances. Therefore, the hats should be cleaned with lukewarm water and if possible with soap to disinfect it. Note that the accumulation of such substances can affect the properties of the helmet over time. Moreover, hard hat accessories such as liners should also be maintained as per the provided instructions. Hard hat decals frequently used by employers for carrying safety instructions must be applied properly.

Practically, hard hat decals should be applied 3/4 inch away from the edge to avoid acting as a conductor between the outside and inside of the helmet. Also, stickers should be kept to a minimum to keep the area open for inspection and regular checks for damage.

Finally, companies must engage in a replacement program and should carry regular checks and training to see that the highest level of safety is provided to the employees.

Hard Hats: Just the right thing for you

What was the first lesson you learnt when you stepped on the field?

Hard hats

Always wear your safety guys! wasn’t it? Yes, it was indeed the first lesson for most of us and you know why! You can perform better if you have the right tools but if safety complements it, you can do even better. Your daily work activities are different than those regular desk jobs and therefore you require a complete different outfit. Your work activities decide the kind of safety you should be always sporting. Anyhow, it is always upon you to decide whether you step on the field with complete safety or only with the casual coverings. Nevertheless, every worker on the field should be encouraged to wear boots, vests, glasses, gloves and hard hats.

Hard hats are essential; you will live through the day even if some of your body parts are missing but not your head. So, who do you protect the most? Obviously the head!

Most field jobs have their suitable, reliable and tested protective gears. Regardless to the kind of gear you have, a hard hat is a part of it and is essential. Every worker should sport the hard hat and hard hat liners to comply with the work standards of our country. Hard hat’s effectiveness have been confirmed by scientific studies and myths like hair fall, tension on the neck have been rejected consistently. Safety-conscious workers will agree to the fact that their action in donning comfortable hard hats and hard hats accessories makes sense and avoid undesired events.

Besides their advantages, they are trendy too. You can always sport hard hat accessories like stickers and hard hat decals to make it a little personal and they are also not difficult to find. You can also look for hats that come in bright colors and with graffiti. They look quite distinctive and are fun to sport. You would be easily identified even in the middle of the dessert!

A good hard hat is not only comfortable, but it is protective as well. Hard hat msa are known to be the best selling hats in the world. Basically, hard hats come in two types; Type I and Type II.

Type I Hard hats: They are comfortable and protects you against the blows from the top side of the hat. (Sideways are not secured).

Type II Hard hats: A little heavier than the former ones and protects you from both the sides; top and sideways.

The selection of the right one is upon you. You should always determine its quality before making a purchase. Also, it is advised that you buy the hat that satisfies the purpose for e.g a hard hat with a visor to protect you against dust and chemical from getting into your eyes. Ask about the advantages to find the right one, the store guy might be the right guy to suggest you the best suitable one. Remember, it is always better to stay protective then regret later.

The types and classes of hard hats and accessories

Hard hats are durable and strong and used more commonly in workplaces like construction sites, Industrial units, chemical factories etc. It protects you from falling objects, contacts with hard surfaces, debris, sun, rain, electric shock and cold. These hard hats come in a variety and are put in use as per different work environments. You should be very familiar with the kind of use each one has, to make the best selection of equipment.

hard hat safety stickers

Hard hats come in two types, which are Type I and Type II. The type I hard hats are build to protect your head from the above (top side) level. So, anything that falls from the top will have a lesser impact on your head since, the hard hat spreads the force of the impact to the other areas. Suspension bands which are built inside the hard hats are responsible for distributing the force.

Type II hard hats which are built on the same science can actually take blows and impacts from both the sideways and from the top as well. So, not only you’re protected from the falling objects but also from flying objects.

Bump caps are again a type of hard hats but are light in resistance to impacts. These caps are mainly used where chances of you bumping into a permanent structure or machine is likely more. But, these caps cannot take hard impacts such a debris or equipments falling on your head from several floors.

The above classification is done on the basis of their strength and resistance to impacts. And the following classifications are done on the basis of resistance to electrical shocks. Hard hats are divided into 3 classes.

Class E ranks on the top when it comes to defying the electrical shocks. The E stands for Electrical. They are resistant up to 20,000 V of electricity.

Class G is a mid range hard hat with an ability to defy up to 2200 V of electricity. The G stands for General.

And the last one in this category is the Class C hard hats. They are not made with a purpose to defy electricity. They are made of conductive materials and prone to electric shocks. Not advised for workers who work in power stations and other motor industries.


The materials used to make hard hats or hard hat msa depends on the kind of use, but most of them are made up of thermoplastics, fiberglass, aluminum or high-density polyethylene. The suspension that holds the hat for comfortable wear is made of woven nylon and bands of molded HDPE or nylon.


Hard hat accessories add a layer to your protection. Accessories can be visors, stickers, liners and decals.

A visor can be of a great support to a worker if he is working in a mine or in an industrial unit where chances of debris, small dust or chemical particles damaging your eyes are high.

Hard hat stickers can come handy if you would like to differentiate workers as per their position or the kind of work they are into. You can use it the way you want. Same goes for hard hat decals.

Hard hat liners can be a part of your protective gear if your working environment includes long hours of exposure to cold or heat. They come in different materials for different purposes.

Hard hats are a synonym to safety for most industrial workers. Understanding their functionality and benefits will help employers and workers to select the best one and remain protective.

Comfortable Hard Hat: Safety and Security At Work

Life is precious! Just do not let it go. Be responsible and wear comfortable hard hat while you are at work. Your lovely family & friends are always waiting for you at home. And that is why with aiming to provide you safety and security, we offer hard hat accessories at reasonable rates. We understand that life is more crucial than anything else. Isn’t it so?

Comfortable Hard Hat

Looking at the various needs in the industry, we have specially designed, comfortable hard hat with a perfect lock system like a belt. For us, the first and foremost matter is your security. We provide hard hats that are solid and hard. If by any chance it doesn’t fit you, you can replace it. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of people die at work because of a little carelessness. When you are on a field, put on comfortable hard hat without further delay and protect yourself. Whether you are an engineer or a worker, it is utmost important to have proper caution while you are working dedicatedly. That can be done with hard hat decals because we do not know when a misfortune may happen. The majority of employees has had to suffer from serious injury just because of lack of hard hats. Just a little mistake and a family lose its dear member.

Our skilled professionals have made these hats scientifically and we have passed them through checklists. The hard hat can easily be washed with normal soap and one can also transfer it to another person. They have adjustable belts & buttons so that one can wear it more comfortably. And work without tension!

Today, the industry involved with heavy tasks, always has the security measure and they recommend the staff members to adorn themselves with a defending shield. Head is one of the major parts of the human body. If it is safe, other parts can be treated medically without much complexity and a person could be saved. So, these little hats play a crucial role in saving invaluable life and make people happier.

Our designed hats have hard hat liner so that any of the wearer can fine-tune it as per his head size. This gives us pride that more and more people are practicing safety rules and are conscious about wearing life saving hats when they are on duty. Why most of the companies opt to wear our hard hats is because they work best with ratchet and pin lock suspensions. You can use them with welding helmets, face shields and more. Also, they provide 100% security with all hair types and head sizes of the workers, engineers, mechanics and others. Moreover, they do functions correctly in all working environments. Creating a perfect hat for working persons is very tough task. However, our experienced and technically sound team has perfectly tailored durable head wearing for dedicated professionals who shed hours in growing their organizations.

Make a hard hat your soul mate and enjoy moments with colleagues at work and go home safely!

If you have ever had to pick up your hard hat because it fell off, Watch this video!

Awesome Hard Hat Accessories

Have you ever thought about the risk involved while working in the fields? Yes, people who are spending lots of time in creating marvelous buildings, operating heavy plants & machineries, are directly involved with life risk without any doubt. Therefore, most of them are always seen with different hard hat accessories on their heads. On site working professionals wear yellow colored hard hats. Seeing the color yellow on a person’s head, one simply understands that there is something dangerous or risky work has been going on.

hard hat accessories

Whenever, we read the newspaper, we come to know about misfortune happening with working officials, especially those who are involved in construction fields, mining sectors, oil & gas, plants, metal industry, shipping and other. That is why they are always with hard hat accessories. These hard hat decals suggest the industry or type of work they are involved with. Providing hard hat msa, we guarantee your safety and it helps you work without worries. However, there are chances when some danger can happen. But, truly tough build hard hat protects the person who proudly wears it.

In the cutting-edge technology, we have created a masterpiece of head security. The hard hat liner has been made in such a way that it fits perfectly like a belt buckle and it is adjustable with any head size and hair style. Over the period of years, our dynamic mechanics and engineers have experienced lot many differences in hard hat accessories. Earlier, there were not much awareness about work safety and security policies in the companies. But as the time passes, there are amazing and attractive designs available so that the hard hat wearer can feel better and confident.

In the modern age, there are many organizations that have a mandate for safety. This gave a birth of hard hat stickers. In major, the color of the hat is common. It is yellow. But, the sticker embarked on it suggests of a company or an organization for which the person is working. And companies are more serious about their employee security. Looking at the demand of head security, we provide different and tailor-made hard hats. Our hats are environment friendly and it functions well on any of the weather. Knowing its rough use, we have made it washable from a common soap so that its hygiene can be maintained properly and regularly by the wearer without any hassle.

Being a leading hard hat company in the world, we manufacture durable and long-lasting hats that fulfill your essential safety checklists and protect you from head injuries or risks. Thanks to our dedicated professionals because they work incessantly for providing genuine and authentic hats that functions absolutely in any working environment. We understand the responsibilities of a person who is working in odd situations. And to give him a safer situation, we have crafted flexible hats as caring guard. Feel proud working any of the situations for your esteemed organizations wearing solid and a quality hard hat. Be responsible, wear responsibly!