A basic guide to head protection and hard hats

Do you want to know the importance of head protection? Do you want to know how the hard hat can play a significant role in protecting you to a great extent at your work? Do you know about the various types of hard hats? If your answers to all these three questions are yes, you have landed upon the right page and you are going to get the answers of all your questions here. So, get ready to talk about the head protection and hard hat in detail.

hard hat safety

The first of all, for all those who do not know the importance of the head protection; let us talk about it. You know how delicate our heads are. Also, when we said head, it covers a lot other parts of our bodies. Well, our head includes the eyes, the ears, the nose, the mouth and the brain. So, if even the slightest injury is caused to the brain, it can cause a lot of harm to the entire body and it can be too serious for the body to handle. So, it is extremely important to protect your head; especially when your work is such that your head is risky.

After knowing the importance of the head protection, it is essential for you to know that how a hard hart helps you during your work. Basically, it has got some of the amazing features because of which it is able to provide you with such a secured protection. So, let us talk about those features:

1. It has got a rigid shell which opposes and redirects the blows that come to the head.
2. It saves you from getting current if you are prone to shock with the help of the suspension system that it has got inside the hat. So, basically, it acts as an insulator against the shocks.
3. If your work is such that there is a possibility of splashes or spills, the hard het helps you to cover everything from your scalp and face to neck and shoulders.
4. Some hard hats are personalized in which you can make the additions like face shields, hearing protection and goggles, to name a few.

Now that you already know the importance of the head protection and also that how the comfortable hard hat protects your head, it is the time to discuss various types of hard hats. So, basically, they are divided into three main industrial classes like Class G, Class E and Class C as per their purposes. So, let us discuss all of them one by one:

1. Class G: The hard hats which work the best for the impact protection rather than the electric shock protection come under the category of Class G hard hats.
2. Class E: The ones that protect against electrical shocks, burns as well as against falling objects come under Class E.
3. Class C:These are comfortable hard hats, as they are light weight and protect against the fixed objects, not falling objects

So, make sure you buy the best hard hats as well as hard hats accessories like hard hat decals, hard hat liner, hard hat msa and hard hat safety stickers, to name a few.

Hard Hats – Safety, Design, Types and Decals

Occupational safety is crucial and implementation of various criteria for occupational safety is important for those working in hazardous working environment such as mines, electrical sites, and construction sites etc. Such places are prone to accidents and lives are constantly in danger. Safety gear is essential. It protects you against flying objects, collision impacts, debris and other such hazards.

Comfortable Hard Hat

Hard Hats are one type of protection from work hazards. They are designed to protect the head, eyes and neck from any kind of impacts and bumps. It is noted that at amongst the hundreds of workers injured at work, at least one of them is due to carelessness of not including hard hat safety.


Hard Hats are meticulously designed with National standard for personal protection. They follow the protective headwear for industrial workers requirements. Essentially, hard hat is made up of two parts – the Shell and the Suspension. These two parts must work properly to provide perfect protection. The hard hat is built to resist the penetration of any object hitting you and also serve as a shock absorber to lessen the impact of the blow. The shell is generally a hard material and has a shock absorbing headband. A crown strap keeps the shell away from the worker’s head.


There are plenty of types of hard hats classified according to the specific impact and the electrical performance requirements. One type has a full brim that encircles the dome of the hat, generally used for protection against objects that fall from above. The second type of hats are built with a grid brim. They include an inner lining of foam that provides vertical and lateral protection. For protection against electrical shocks, there are separate classifications of hats. Class G Helmets are for general purpose and protect against lower voltages, generally proof tested at 2200V. Class E Helmets are for relatively higher voltages like 20000V. Class C are conductive, and provide no protection for electrical charge, but protect against falling objects.

Hard Hat Safety Stickers

So what role do hard hat safety stickers play? Hard hat decals and stickers are used to identify trained as well as authorized safety personal, medical aid and emergency personnel. These stickers are not meant for personalization. The most important point to remember is that these stickers should not be used to hide any defects or damage to the shell of the helmet. They are placed three fourth of a distance away from the edge of the hat. In this way, the decal will not act as a conductor between the inside and outside of the helmet.

Whether or not there is an apparent danger to the head at the workplace, it is always recommended to wear a helmet with all the hard hat accessories recommended. This prepares you for any unexpected turn of events that could prove life threatening if you do not wear enough protective gear. Hard hats are made for exactly such scenarios – to defend workers from a blow or an impact of a fast falling object when there isn’t enough time to move out of the way!

Quality Hard Hat Accessories Are Available at Affordable Rates

In the Information Technology age, one cannot easily think of hard hat accessories requirements. But the reality is different. Yes, when it comes to the industrial or construction sites, these accessories are compulsory.

Whether you are a small scale industry or a giant construction company, it is your first duty to provide hard hat safety to your employees such as engineers, labors, workers, contractors. As per the Occupational Safety and Health Administration act, employers are responsible for providing a safe and healthful workplace to their employees.


Hard Hat Accessories

hard hat safety stickers

Hard Hat Accessories

By providing hard hat accessories to your trustworthy workers, you secure their lives against head and shoulder injuries. More importantly, you save a person’s life that incessantly works for your esteemed organizations and tries their best to increase productivity as well as profit of your organization at a cost of his life.

Therefore, it is necessary to buy excellent and certified hard hat liner so that workers can feel comfortable and they can achieve desirable results within stipulated timeframe. There are many types of hardhat accessories available in the market like stickers, buckles, decals, liners, and skull guards.

Depending upon your work and requirements, you can buy hard hat decals and other necessary accessories in order to prevent critical head injuries and secure your employees’ life. Also, it is important to provide hardhats with a torch when your workers are working at night because to hold a torch while working is not feasible. If a torch is attached with a helmet, workers can easily work with more focus. There are many companies that provide headgear with lamps. In this way, they follow the rules and regulations of Occupational Safety and Health Administration act.

Wearing hard hat msa, workers can prevent any form of injuries from electrocution, debris, and collisions. Also, they can be saved from extreme hot, rainy, cold or stormy weather. So, it is a wise step for employers to provide their employees with quality helmets or headgear in order to continue their work without any disturbance.

As per the data, it is noticed that every day, around 300 workers meet with head injuries because they are not provided with headgear. And the companies have to suffer traumatic brain injury cost of $110,000 annually. So, it is better to secure your prestigious employees’ life from such injuries by giving them hard hats.

Moreover, hard hat safety stickers help you identify workers. They are easily adhesive. Thus, you can secure your workers life. Now-a-days, hard hat manufacturers have produced modern hard hats that don’t affect hair types. Even they are adjustable to each head size and more comfortable to put on and put off. Headgear functions greatly in all environments and protect wearers from stormy, hot or cold weather.

Thus, it is a wise step to endow your engineers and workers with the best quality hard hats. And simultaneously, you can spread awareness about the advantages of wearing hard hats & helmets at work. Hardhats not only protect lives from danger but also increase confidence in employees.

Hard Hat Is A Real Safety

When you think of industrial employees i.e. engineers, workers, contractors, you cannot imagine them without hard hat accessories. Hat has become an integral part of industrial workplaces. With the help of hats, many lives of workers can be saved from critical head injuries.

As per the guidelines of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), workers should be provided with quality hard hats in order to save their lives. That is why most of the companies and industries provide certified hats to their employees who are directly or indirectly involved in technical work.

hard hat safety

Moreover, the construction sites and the industries should ensure if their employees are wearing hats along with hard hat liner because it is necessary to wear hat liner in order to give extra protection to their heads. And by putting on quality liner, an employee can work without any discomfort. He can also focus and concentrate on his given task and can complete the work within desired timeframe.

Seeing many benefits of hard hat liner, construction sites have come forward and they have started providing these types of hats to their workers, engineers and employees who spend their most time on sites. This liner protects wearer’s neck from the sun light and also it covers ears. It has soft & breathable blend so it is comfortable to wearers. It perfectly fits under hard hat decals and helmets. Above all, it is washable and reusable.

Therefore, it is always beneficial to wear hard hat MSA along with liners. But before you buy such lines for your dedicated employees, you should verify the quality of these liners. Purchase those liners which are made as per the guidelines of OSHA. It means clothing and other apparel such as hat liner and hair nets made from the materials that do not meet the requirement regarding melting or made from the materials that do not meet flammability requirements shall not be permitted.

In this way, companies and industrial sites can save their employees lives from head injuries. Also, there are premium organizations which always provide best of the best safety accessories to their workers such as MSA hardhat liner skull guard, 3M hardhat suspension, hardhat stickers, hardhat sweatbands and others.

With the usage of hard hat stickers or decals, one can easily identify their employees. So, to wear comfortable hard hat while working on dangerous zones, workers can work without stress and worry. Also, their family members live peacefully because of these hard hats and helmets.

So, whenever you wish to buy any kind of helmets like Class G, Class C and Class E, you should be aware that you are purchasing quality helmets and hard hat MSA. And to buy qualified and standard head accessories, you need to consult trustworthy manufactures who have been in the field for years and they have provided best quality hardhats and helmets to big industries and companies.

Thus, you can easily secure your dedicated workers’ life and prevent most critical head injuries by providing them branded hard hat accessories.

The Best Quality Hard Hats for YOU!

If you are involved in risky work, then quality hard hat is one of your best friends. Yes, it is an essential requirement whenever you are on work. Hard hats provide you 100% safety and security as they are made up with OSHA approved material.

best hard hats

Organizations or big companies provide their workers with best hard hat accessories because they seriously care about their workers. As per the occupational head protection policy, each and every employee who is working on live projects must wear hard hats in order to avoid any mishappening and save his/her life.

That is why comfortable hard hat is more beneficial to any worker during his work. When a worker wears comfortable hat, he can easily adjust it within no time. Thus, a worker can save precious time and continue his task without wasting unnecessary time fitting hats on his head.

The best hard hat has been made up using Polyethylene/Polycarbonate resin/materials like fiberglass or aluminum. The leading and certified helmet providers always provide ANSI approved helmets because these helmets can work in any environment and they provide pure safety to the wearers.

Hard Hat MSA is one of the best selling hard hats in the world and most of the organizations use these hats for their loyal and enthusiastic workers. MSA hard hats have been used in many industries such as mining, construction, manufacturing and utility. These hats are specially designed for workers and even they are available in different colors like yellow, white, orange and others.

Hard hats are just synonymous to employees. It won’t be exaggeration, if we say that without wearing such hats, employees are not allowed to work. During winter season, employees need to protect themselves with cold and therefore; they need to wear hard hat liner. The liners are designed in such a way that they completely cover employees’ head and give them warmth so that workers can continue their work without any hurdle.

So, if you want safety of your workers and want more productivity for your organizations, comfortable hard hat is one of the crucial things that you require now. Head is the most important part of human body and that’s why, without further delay buy certified helmets and secure your workers.

And workers can give you desired results once they are fully secured. Also, the hard hats should have adjustable hard hat accessories because during the time of urgency, workers can easily fit it on their heads and secure themselves from risky situations.

In today’s modern world, it has become easy to save lives of workers by providing them approved head accessories and avoid major risk in the industries. Thanks to technology! It helps manpower work in continuation without any hurdle.

Whether you are a small or large industry related to manufacturing unit or mining, you can order customized hard hats with different colors and can make your workers feel proud about you. Now-a-days, safety is utmost important. So, give your employees the best safety by making them wear MSA hard hats!

Hard Hat Safety is Necessary

Seeing today’s work environment, especially in the industries, safety is one of the important matters. Millions of workers work every day under high intense work environment. So, it is obvious that accidents may take place and employees may suffer heavy losses. But, using proper hard hat safety, the organizations can save their trusted employees’ lives and they can also fulfill their moral duties.

hard hat safety

There are thousands of workers who are engaged in risky work and there are chances that they may become the prey of heavy injuries on head or any other body parts. Though it is a risky, there is no chance of avoiding such work. But, yes, there is a solution to it. The employers can provide their workers with comfortable hard hat in order to secure themselves.

In most countries, there are rules and regulations about safety of employees. And if, employees get injured or die during working hours due to accidents, employers are responsible and they may get hefty fines for that. Seeing such incidents of every day accidents in working organizations, leading companies have started following hard hat safety for themselves as well as for their employees.

Organizations dealing with risky work should ask for the quality hard hat accessories in order to avoid head injuries of their loyal workers. ANSI has divided protective helmets into two main categories and classes. They are Type I & Type II.

Depending upon your work, you can select any of the comfortable hard hats to secure your employees from serious injury. For example, Type I hard hat helps reduce the force of impact resulting from a blow on head while Type II hard hat reduces the force of lateral impact resulting from a blow which may affect off-center or top of the head.

Mostly helmets are made up of polythene, stiff coating and ultem materials. Though this is less expensive material, they are capable of resisting electric shocks, temperatures and fires. And to improve the quality of caps, helmets and hats, American National Standards Institute has been working consistently in order to get better hard hat safety for workers and employees who are directly or indirectly involved in life-threatening works.

If workers are safe and secure, they can give more productivity and as a result, any of the organizations can do better in terms of business and profit. That is why, it is very much important to provide quality hard hats to employees whenever they are going for work.

With the help of technology, quality of hard hat accessories has been improved. For instance, in rainy seasons, you can use caps with gutter like folds in order to avoid falling of rainy water on workers’ head & body.

Moreover, it is necessary to remove helmets or caps whenever employees are off work. Thus, you can longer its life and one should inspect the quality of hard hat in monthly basis so that you can identify if the caps are still good enough to wear in order to keep an employee safe & secure.