Hard Hat Selection and Maintenance

Occupational head injuries are more common than you think – especially in work environments like mines and construction sites etc. One major reason for this high injury rates is non-compliance of safety standards. Workers generally neglect to wear hard hats is poor fit, uncomfortable fitting, style factors etc. Another important factor is the belief that they are very careful while working and do not require additional protective gear.

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Occupational safety requirements mandate wearing hard hats and all the relevant hard hat accessories to protect employees from potential dangers that the work environment poses. It is essential that you also understand how to maintain hard hats so that they can provide you with the right kind of protection.

Make sure that the hat has not exceeded its service life.

If your helmet has exceeded its service life, the impact of the injury could be catastrophic. Some of the results of such head injuries could be concussions, memory loss or even paralysis. Some of the injuries could even get fatal. Hence, it is important to check whether the helmet has not exceeded the time limit.

Work space inspection and hard hat selection

Other than safety gear, employers must also conduct a work space inspection to ensure that there are no potential falling objects or obvious standing objects located at dangerous locations. If the removal of such objects is not possible, make sure that you select hard hat accessories and helmets with care. Now, there are two types of hard hats – type 1 and type 2. Type 1 is built to protect the wearer against impact on the crown or at the top only. Type 2 hats protect top as well as lateral impact. This is why type 2 hats are slightly bigger and heavier. This is exactly why you should evaluate your work environment for potential hazards and select the right kind of hat.


Hard hats generally come with 4, 6 and 8 points of suspension that helps distribute the energy upon impact. These numbers represent the number of points of connections between the cap and the suspension. More the number of points the better and this makes the hat more comfortable too. However, the level of protection remains the same for all of them.

Electrical environments

Selection of hard hats and accessories for electrical environments is different. The helmets used in these environments should protect against shocks, burns and electrocution. Dielectric hats are of two classes – G and C. Class G provides protection upto 2200V and Class C provides protection up to 20000V. For any reason what so ever, never drill holes in a hat. This greatly impacts the electric resistance properties of these hats.

Customization with hard hat accessories

Despite everything, hard hats can be customized. Caps can be coded with logos and other brand recognition graphics. Do not use chemicals or paints this can damage the hat.

Ensure that you inspect your hard hats regularly and replace them so that you are not exposed to the risk of head trauma due to wear and tear of the helmet.

Hard Hat Questions and Answers

Employee protection from workplace hazards has become a mandate these days. Especially workplaces such as construction sites, mines or those that work with heavy electrical material require very strict safety norms. The main reason for this is to protect employees from head traumas due to falling objects, bumping into fixed objects like beams or pipes etc.

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However, it is important to educate yourselves as well as employees about the importance of wearing a hard hat. Here are a few questions and answers that will help you with understanding some facts about hard hats.

When is a hard hat required?

Whenever you are working in an environment where there is a potential for objects falling from above, or the danger of electric shock or hitting your head against beams and other steady fixtures, you must wear a hard hat for protection.

Can I paint or put decal on my hard hat?

This depends on the manufacturer. Placing adhesive stickers on or painting on hats is only if the manufacturer recommends it. The manufacturer will authorize such changes only if they do not alter or reduce the ability of the helmet to protect you. Decals should also not reduce the reliability of the hats.

Can you safely wear winter wear like scarf or liners with hard hats?

Winder wear and liners need to be approved by the manufacturer to be safe to wear with the hard hat. It should not alter or affect the protective properties of the hats. The manufacturer will be able to recommend the compatible liners that you can safely wear with helmets in your work environment.

How can I tell what size of the hat is right for me?

Wearing comfortable hard hat is important. It should not fit too loose or too tight. Make sure that you check the size chart provided by the manufacturer and try out a few to see which fits you the best. Most of the hats have adjustable elements so that you can tighten them or loosen them as per your head size.

How do I clean and store my hard hat?

In order to clean your hard hat, mild soap and warm water is generally more than enough. It is the best way to clean the helmet and the suspension. After thoroughly washing the hat, wipe it dry or use air dry to thoroughly dry it. If there is tar or sap or other materials that do not come off easily with water, do not use chemical solvents without checking with the manufacturer. Some solvents that successfully clean these materials off the hard hat can damage the protective properties or reduce the reliability of the hard hat greatly. They can weaken the shell or the suspension and put you at risk of potential head impact.

Overall, you must store your hard hat in a clean place free from dirt, dust and other contamination and do not expose it to direct sunlight while storing it. Remember to inspect it regularly and replace it whenever required.

Tips to buy custom hard hats

Hard hat in today’s day and age does more than just keeping your head safe. A custom designed hard hat does much more and goes ahead and represent you, your company and also to an extent of your achievements and sometimes your patriotism. These custom designed hard hats can be pricey as you not only need to consider price of hard hat but also for custom services of getting your logos/graphics on the hard hat. However way you go with this you must know some steps to follow in this process:

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• Hard Hat Style/Brand: One of the first things to consider is that you should get a service provider who does the custom work for the brand of custom hats you are comfortable with. Some custom service providers work only with certain manufacturer’s hard hats.

• Identify the Location of the Graphics: Once you have found a custom hard hat provider the next is to identify and define the parts on the hard hat which need to be created and customized. Many areas on the hard hat can be customized – either sides, front or rear side as well. Next to understand and make clear is number of graphics and their positions; whether to have logo in the front or back. Whereas others might want it on the either sides.

• Preparingand Submitting the Graphics: After getting these finalized, the next step will be to get the graphics you have identified to be converted into an electronic high resolution format (.ai or .eps are the best file formats, but usually custom service providers also accept high resolution .jpeg, pdf, etc.) and be handed over to the customizing service providers digitally.Ideal turnaround time from the custom service providers is around a single business day which will have a feedback on the quality of the graphics along with the quote for the entire service.

• Number and Type of Hard Hats: Next in line is to confirm the quote and get the ball rolling by identifying the variations the custom hard hat designs require. The custom service providers do have some minimum quantity limitations which need to be identified and addressed beforehand; this is usually in the range of fifteen to twenty. Some might like to provide personalized hard hats to the entire workforce with initials embossed of each hard hat wearer. The other process would be to identify different departments from their hard hat colors so identify what multiple color hard hats are needed and how many for each color. The color combination may also depend on the brand colour usage guidelines and/or online strategy.

• Proofing and Processing: The custom service provider before getting the entire batch prepared will provide you with a sample for proofing and approval for graphic size, colour and positioning of the graphics. You can ascertain all areas and get the order rolling.

Essential things to know about hard hats

Whether you want to know about hard hats or its accessories like hard hat decals and hard hat liner, you have landed up on the right page, as this post is all about important things to know about hard hats.

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So, here are some of the most important things to know about hard hats…

1. The first thing that you need to know about hard hats is the time when they are required. Well, when there are the chances of objects falling from the top and striking the head, it is necessary to wear them. Also, when there are chances of employees banging their heads on the heavy objects like pillars, they should wear it. The last, but certainly not the least, you must wear a hard hat when there is a chance of head coming in contact with the dangerous electrical hazards.

2. One important thing that you must consider when buying hard hats and hard hat accessories is industry standard and approval. Well, it differs from country to country. Also, you must take care of the ANSI and CSA head protection standard testing requirements. Make sure your hard hat has got the permanent label or marking by ANSI as well as CSA head protection standards.

3. If you are confused that whether you can mix and match different suspensions and shells or not, here is the solution to your confusion. Well, shells and suspensions are tested together as a unit. Suspensions are tested with various shells of the same manufacturer so as to check the compatibility. So, make sure that you mix and match them only if they belong to the same manufacturer, as if they are from the different manufacturers, they will not be tested for standards.

4. If you want to clean your hard hat and suspension, the best way to do so is to wash them using mild soap and rinse them with warm water. Once you do that, make sure you wipe it off and dry it up completely after washing.

5. There is a long list when it comes to places to store the hard hats. Well, one simple rule is to store them at a clean place. Make sure you do not store them at a contaminated or damaged place that is full of dirt and debris. Also, it is advisable to avoid product distortion and direct sunlight, so avoid placing them at dashboard of your car. Ensure they are away from ovens, furnaces or other sources of heat.

6. Hard hats can are highly subjected to wear and tear, and so they need to be replaced soon. So, make sure you inspect them daily so that you come to know when to replace them. Also, if you want to know when the right time for replacement is, you must follow the replacement recommendations of manufacturer. Also, check the shell as well as suspension daily before you use it.

Now that you are aware of some of the most important things about hard hats, it is advisable for you to keep them in mind. Good luck!

Frequently asked questions about hard hats

Do you know how important head protection is? Do you know the benefits of hard hats? Are you planning to buy it? Do you have any questions regarding the same? If the answers to your questions are yes, you are in the best place at the right time. This post is all about the questions that most people tend to ask when buying hard hats. So, it is likely that you might have the same question in your mind.


So, let us take a look at some of the most important and frequently asked questions about hard hats…

1. How to use stickers on hard hats? These days, the pressure sensitive and non metallic stickers are allowed on hard hats. However, the only condition is that, you should not use the stickers to cover up the damage on your helmet. One of the most important things to remember is that, the sticker should be placed half an inch away from the edge of the helmet.

2. What to wear beneath the hard hat? Anything that does not adversely affect the fit and function of the hard hat can be worn beneath it. So, you can wear bandanas, hoods, winter liners, skull caps and welder’s caps which do not have the metal part. It is advisable not to wear base ball style caps as it affects the ability of suspension adversely.

3. What is the service life of hard hat? Although the hard hats that are designed with wear resistant materials and high quality, they will not last forever. The external factors and the environment in which they are use affect their lives; like extreme temperatures, sunlight, and chemical as well as daily use wear and tear. So, it is advisable not to use suspension for more than a year and replace the entire hard hat every five years.

4. Is it possible to wear it backwards? It depends on manufacturers; if the suspension attachment points are same from front and to back on the hard hat, it might be possible.

5. Can I put anything in the space between shell and suspension? You should never place items like gloves, ear phones or cigarettes in the space between the shell and suspension.

6. Can I paint it? Well, it is said that you should paint it only of you get it approved from the manufacturer.

7. How to store it? Make sure you store them at clean and cool place. It should not be placed in the contaminated or dirty place. Along with that, it should not be exposed to sunlight.

8. How to clean it? It is always a good idea to wash the hard hat with mild soap and warm water. However, you must wipe it off to make it dry as soon as you wash it.

Now that you are aware of some of the most important and frequently asked questions about hard hats along with the answers, all your doubts regarding the hard hats, accessories or hard hat safety stickers must be cleared now…

Hard Hat Myths

Everyone knows about hard hats and their benefits. People have been using it widely across the world to protect themselves from the danger of accidents of heavy objects falling on the head. There are several types of hard hats available in the market, so you can purchase the one that suits your needs and requirements as well as budget.

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Even after understanding all the benefits of hard hats, there are a few people who are mislead. Let us discuss out some of the most important myths and facts so that we can spread the word about these myths and save them from fatal accidents. So, let us take a look at some of the most important myths of hard hats…

1. I have to wear hard hat each and every time I visit the construction site
Well, this is one of the most important misconceptions that are prevailing amongst the people working in the construction industry. There is no need to wear a helmet or the hard hat every time you visit the site. You can wear it whenever it is needed or where ever there is a risk associated. Also, there are specific rules of a particular site which you will need to follow; so act accordingly.

2. It is alright if I do not wear it on the domestic construction site
To wear the hard hat does not depend upon the nature of the construction site. It depends upon the risks associated at the construction site. If you feel it is risky and heavy objects can fall on your head, it is advisable for you to wear a hard hat or helmet.

3. I should wear it only when the manager is near by
You should not wear a helmet just because it is a rule or because your manager will get angry if he spots you without hard hat. Wear it because it is important for you and it will save your life.

4. I need not carry my own hard hat; I will be given one from the site.
Well, this is not true always. Some constructions may not provide you with helmets or hard hats. So, it is always a good idea to carry your own with you, so as to protect yourself against the accidents and dangers.

5. I am visiting the site for a quick job, so it is not important for me to wear.
It is not necessary that heavy objects cannot fall upon you in those two minutes you visit the site. Accidents can happen in no time and so you cannot be lazy even if you have to wear it even for two minutes.

6. Buy a hat that is basic and cheap
It’s important that you buy the necessary hard hat accessories too. Depending on the type of work, you can decide which accessories best suit your requirements. Do not make price the only criteria for your purchase.

Now that you are aware of some of the most important myths of hard hats, it is advisable for you to spread the word and tell other to spread it too; so that everyone is aware of the facts regarding hard hats. Stay safe!